Paul Willetts Quoted in Canadian HR Reporter

Vey Willetts lawyer Paul Willetts was quoted in the November 28, 2016 edition of Canadian HR Reporter in an article entitled "Older Employees Deserve More". The article discusses the recent Ontario Superior Court decision of Ozorio v. Canadian Hearing Society. In this case, a 60-year old senior managerial employee, with 30 years service was dismissed. Ms. Ozorio was ultimately awarded 24 months of reasonable notice. To read our recent review of the case and its implications for older workers please click here.

In the article, Paul commented that if employers plan to challenge an individual's efforts to look for re-employment following dismissal, as the Canadian Hearing Society did, they are best advised to offer assistance, such as career counselling and a reference letter:

It just helps the employer look reasonable, like they've acted in good faith, and if there is a dispute at a later point about whether an individual made reasonable efforts to try to mitigate loss of their employment it allows (the employer) to take a stronger position on that by having made efforts to assist the person.

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