Employment Law: Commonly Asked Questions

As experienced Employment and Labour Lawyers, we understand that the law is anything but straightforward. Based on our popular blog series Q&A, we have tried to offer answers below to commonly asked questions that we hear on a regular basis to help you navigate your case.


Temporary Lay-Offs from Work

When someone is laid off from work, they undoubtably have questions and concerns. Most often people want to understand what temporary means and what rights they have.


Wrongful Dismissal from Employment

Have you been wrongfully dismissed? You are probably asking yourself the same questions we hear everyday. Click below to find out more.


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is anything but black and white. Learn more to see if speaking with a lawyer can help.


Constructive Dismissal from Employment

Constructive dismissal is a term that can apply to a variety of circumstances in the workplace. Find out to see if your case falls under constructive dismissal.


Ontario Severance Packages and Termination of Employment

It is important to know what you are entitled to and what to consider before you make any decisions.


The Rights of Ontario Employees to Overtime Pay

Are you deserving of overtime pay? Understanding what you are entitled to starts from knowing your rights as an employee.


Employee Sick Leave and Medical Information

If you have to take leave from your job due to a sickness or medical leave you should learn what is required by you and your employer.


Vacation Entitlements for Ontario Employees and Employers

Looking to take some time off? Learn more about your rights as an employee and find out what you are entitled to.


Maternity Leave & Your Rights as an Employee in Ontario

If you are having a baby or planning to have a baby, learn more about the governing laws and rules around maternity leave.


Employment Insurance ("EI") and Severance

When you lose a job, it can be very overwhelming and financially stressful. Learn more about how you may be entitled to a servance or how you can apply for EI.


The Employee's Duty to Mitigate Loss

Mitigation is a legal concept and can be difficult to understand. With this in mind, this article seeks to lay out clearly what the duty to mitigate requires and what it may mean for you.