Helping Employers in the National Capital Region

Employers have a number of obligations to juggle. They must be responsive to the needs of their clients, to the shifting marketplace, to their partners and to their own families.

Keeping up to date and fully knowledgeable on all of their legal obligations as employers on top of all of that can be a challenge.

At Vey Willetts LLP, we help employers protect themselves from workplace-related disputes and complications. We offer practical legal advice and representation to help you maintain an efficient, legally compliant workplace.

We have worked with a wide range of public and private workplaces, both unionized and non-unionized, including:

  • Hydro-electric companies
  • National banks
  • Police departments
  • Municipalities
  • Food and beverage providers
  • Universities
  • Mining companies
  • Hospitals

An Ounce Of Prevention

Often, our clients come to us after a lawsuit has been filed against them over termination, health and safety, discrimination or other employment matters. We can help resolve disputes through mediation, or advocate on your behalf in court. We also represent clients before bodies such as the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, or in private arbitration.

Most of the time it's far more efficient for us to give advice and counsel before problems come up. Employers can save themselves an enormous amount of money and aggravation through surprisingly simple methods.

As part of our services for employers, our lawyers offer legal advice and representation in a number of areas such as:

We also have a proactive approach to limiting your liability around termination, including discussing disciplinary methods, termination letters and employment standards.

Employment and Labour Laws are not always straightforward, but whether you are an employee or an employer, understanding your rights and duties will only stand to benefit you. Reach out to an employment lawyer or labour lawyer today if you have any questions and be sure to get what you deserve and safeguard yourself for the future. The lawyers at Vey Willetts LLP have a proven track record and are happy to assist.  

Our employment lawyers and labour lawyers serve clients throughout Ontario. 

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