Human Rights and Discrimination

Discrimination refers to an action or a decision that treats a person negatively as a result, for example, of their race, age or sex. In Ontario, the law protects against discrimination on an enumerated characteristic protected by human rights law. The protected characteristics include:

  • Age
  • Colour
  • Ethnic Origin
  • Marital status
  • Mental disability
  • Physical disability
  • Religion
  • Sex (including pregnancy and gender identity)
  • Sexual orientation

Whether you have been discriminated against in a job application process, in your current role, or in the manner of dismissal, we can help you understand your rights and enforce them.

We also understand that discrimination can take different shapes and forms. Sometimes it may be overt — perhaps an employer says that "you are too old to do this job." At other times, however, discrimination is not overt and can be the result of actions taken over a prolonged period of time.

Employment and Labour Laws are not always straightforward, but whether you are an employee or an employer, understanding your rights and duties will only stand to benefit you. Reach out to an employment lawyer or labour lawyer today if you have any questions and be sure to get what you deserve and safeguard yourself for the future. The lawyers at Vey Willetts LLP have a proven track record and are happy to assist.  

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