Better Workplaces For Everyone

Our lawyers have worked with employers and employees for a number of years and have seen a wide variety of legal and practical difficulties arise and be resolved. We represent:

  • Employers: We help employers maintain a productive working environment and protect themselves from liability. We can educate you on your own rights and obligations with respect to your employees, and help you deal with difficult employees or situations in a way that protects your business interests and your bottom line, and helps you avoid lawsuits.
  • Employees: We help workers at the beginning, middle and end of their jobs. This includes reviewing your employment contract and helping you negotiate for a better agreement if possible, dealing with harassment and unsafe working conditions, and helping you if you have been fired or forced to quit. We can help you understand what you are entitled to, and advocate for your rights.

We understand that for many of our clients, expense is a consideration, and offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation as well as a variety of payment and fee options.

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