Paul Willetts Quoted in The Lawyer's Daily on Ontario's Changing Workplaces Review

The Lawyer’s Daily quoted Vey Willetts' Paul Willetts in a May 26, 2017 article titled “Changing Workplaces Review may spur sweeping labour law changes in Ontario.” The article explores the recommendations set out in the Changing Workplaces Review Final Report and how these changes, if implemented, may affect Ontario employees and employers.

Willetts noted that he was “not surprised that prior suggestions such as paid sick leave have been excluded from the final report. This is reflective of the need to recognize the financial implication of such changes for all employers — particularly small employers with limited means.”

Willetts further added that overall the proposed changes, if implemented, would primarily benefit employees, however, “the final report lacks a cost-benefit analysis as to how the proposed recommendations are anticipated to impact Ontario’s economy, its employers and the number of available jobs. Without this type of analysis, it is difficult to anticipate how the proposed changes may play out in reality.”

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